The Wilbur Rehmann Quartet

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Wilbur Rehmann and his Quartet have brought to us a sense of joy, wonder and solitude with their original jazz interpretations, which explore the interior landscapes of the American West and the meaning of wilderness. This CD belongs in the homes of people who love jazz and wild places.

--Mike Clark, Great Yellowstone Coalition, 1996


Back Home Jazz is a project of the Forever Wild Endowment, Box 83, Helena, MT 59624. Our thanks to the Endowment for its support. Contributions to the Forever Wild Endowment help preserve Montana's wildlands.

Special thanks to Donna Metcalf for her encouragement and inspiration, and to Len and Sandy Sargent, long supporters of the arts, environment and progressive causes.

Thanks to the following individuals for their time, talent and support: Marshall Noice, Scott Bryan, Q Communications, Ken and Liz Eden, Henry Gordon, Janet Jessup, George Ochenski, Ken Taylor, Ken Nelson and Cottage Recording, Mike Clark, Jay and Lauren Unsworth, Karen Nelson, Isabel Nelson, Alex Swaney, Willie Williams, Kim Wilson, Susan Bryan, Inga Rehmann and our wayward friend Scooter.

Mann Gulch Suite (1999)

Upcoming Events

Wilbur Rehmann Quartet

Oct. 20 - Archie Bray Foundation Helena, Trio with Blackie Nelson

Oct. 21 - Bennys Bistro, Duo with Fred Cobb, piano

Oct. 27 - Staggering Ox, Helena, Quartet

Nov. 16 - Archie Bray Holiday Show

Nov. 25 - Terra Thai, Boulder, CO, Duo with Hoy Clintpreecha, Alto sax

Dec. 21 - St Paul’s Methodist, Annual Solstice Concert, Quintet with Sarah Elkins, vocals

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